Wednesday, October 7, 2009



I previously posted some hunting footage of my buddy Wally killing a longbeard during the 2008 Indiana turkey season (Hank Jr. Would Be Proud). At that time I promised to add video showing what happened at our decoy spread after Wally pulled the trigger (and his cell phone quit ringing).

In case you missed it, Wally shot his tom out of a group of 4 longbeards, but a particularly good tom was strutting on the north end of the field about 200 yards away. That bird kept strutting, even after the shot, so I asked Wally if he minded letting that bird clear the field before we picked up. He had no particular place to go, so we settled back.

While we waited, another good tom showed up, and from there I'll let the video do the talking. What you're about to see exemplifies why we've come to love full-mount decoys so much. You just don't get this out of plastic deeks!

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